My Spiral Journey

My Spiral Journey

Wednesday, December 31, 2014




    04 Jun, 2018
    All words with such a big charge to them.  How do we begin to openly discuss these arts in a way that is healthy and educational?  I have seen a number of posts in this last week about “young” and “beautiful” women stepping out as Witches and Priestess’s and the current bite back from the more experienced and journeyed practitioners.  Some of these posts as very intense shaming posts of the “young beautiful” women making claims to be Witches and Priestess’s who if truth be spoken are probably
  2. She walks through the fire
    24 May, 2018
    She walks through the fire
    She walks through the fire The EVOLUTIONARY Woman She knows its the only way To deep liberation of All that no longer serves Her All the places that keep her Small The stories from the ones who came before The pieces handed to her by a Society run by fear The wounds she kept hidden deep in her Womb Keeping her heart open She inspects each piece of ash As it burns her from the inside out Holding it with love and deep honouring Seeing each divine lesson emerge Each stepping stone On her way to
  3. CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION & why I called myself a SOUL MIDWIFE
    16 Mar, 2018
    Recently I was in a 6 week Mystery School in New Zealand with Bruce Lyon (i loved it so much I’m going back to be on the land and support the next group of amazing souls in a couple of weeks)  Life changed in the most wonderful and magical ways. Allowing me to move through the world connected to my Soul and giving the personality the passenger seat (don’t get me wrong she still tries to drive! But now I can see when thats happening and make a shift)  I remember us doing a beautiful and very
  4. What if?...
    16 Feb, 2018
    What if?...
    What if you already HAVE IT ALL?  All the things you're searching for  It's just that they are in a DIFFERENT package than what you expect?  The new car, the new job, new house, new partner, new shoes - how are they going to make you FEEL?  Now where is that feeling ALREADY present in your life?  Do you see that we have been conditioned to strive for the next "thing" that's going to make everything BETTER.  We have been conditioned from birth to expect NEW things ALL the time and to get bored
  5. Dear Womb, please forgive me
    13 Jun, 2017
    Dear Womb, please forgive me
    Dear Womb, Please forgive me…….I forgive you! A part of me died there that day – with the bright lights shining down between my legs as they were held tight by the stirrups. That 16 year old girl had to very quickly become an adult. Alone and scared – facing the consequences of her inability to look after herself. I thought he liked me – but really he just knew how to get what he wanted. I wasn’t the first girl, nor was I the last. I wondered many years later if he felt remorse for the way
  6. I am a Wild Mystic
    08 Jun, 2017
    I am a Wild Mystic
    I am a Wild Mystic   Who has caged herself Tied down to this thing you call life.... I wonder What part of this is actually living? I am a Wild Mystic   Who is waking from her slumber  Who is dying to be FREE Otherwise Die in this cage I am a Wild Mystic  Who wants OUT of this place To run Wild and Free with bare breast through the forest How have I chained myself to this thing you call life? Things to own, bills to pay and niceties to play I am a Wild Mystic  I stand out from the crowd I
  7. An Inspired Life - Opening Your Heart
    12 May, 2017
    An Inspired Life - Opening Your Heart
    When we fall in love and feel safe in that love, our heart expands and so does our love for all of life. I’m sure you’ve felt it: even the birds singing in the trees, sunsets and random people’s children feel more beautiful and spark a deep appreciation and gratitude for life within you when you’re in love. You feel it all, and you feel alive. What you may not realise is, that is a choice. It’s a choice we make to open our heart that gives us that feeling – and we can make that choice with
  8. Dancing With Intimacy
    04 Apr, 2017
    Dancing With Intimacy
    Dancing with Intimacy Intimacy is something I choose to dance with, as I open and soften to life’s gifts. Intimacy fills my heart to the brim and holds me with a loving embrace, when I choose to allow it. Intimacy sometimes tears my heart open to reveal the depth of the pain, yet she also holds me tenderly as I find my way home again. Opening to intimacy is a conscious choice you need to make in each moment. Feeling your body as you connect with another, no matter how brief  the
  9. A Call Out To All Women
    04 Apr, 2017
    A Call Out To All Women
    Written for LifeGrid Magazine  A call out to all Women Its time to stop the separation Its time to stop the judgments and the criticisms Its time to stop the wounding of each other and ourselves Its time to tend to this big pus filled Sisterhood wound we have, as ultimately its slowly killing us As women we are trying to be everything to everyone, trying to show we can do it all ourselves. Hiding the fact we are struggling, hiding the fact many of us feel like failures. We are getting sick and